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Direction by Richard Huber, with performances by Sarah Barham and Blaise Barham.


'Wonderful' is a romantic comedy about the divine Lady Hermione and her loyal butler Roberts, as they grapple with the important issues of modern life - biscuits, trousers, sausages, art and what to do about Penelope. Set in England, during the witty and just a little bit notorious roaring 20s, its characters cast aside the darkness, despair and bad poetry from the Great War and fall headlong into the brave new world of martinis, monocles, romance, and fountains.


"Playing with illusions and social class"

Barbara Frame, ODT

12 Nov, 2022

"Subtly absurdist perceptive satire full of things to leave us wondering"

John Smythe, Theatreview

18 Feb, 2023

"Review: Wonderful"

Brenda Harwood, The Star

17 Nov, 2022

"Smart riffs and polished rapport"

Terry MacTavish, Theatreview

11 Nov, 2022

"In the grand tradition of  Theatre of the Absurd"

Judith Laube, Theatreview

18 Mar, 2023

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