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Out at Sea


Out at Sea, by Polish dramatist Slawomir Mrozek, is an absurdist play, setting its characters starving and stranded on a raft out at sea. The characters Fat, Medium and Thin employ a logical application of democratic and other political processes to debate who should be eaten.

Director Blaise Barham brings the play to the New Athenaeum Theatre with the cast Aimee Freeman, Brent Caldwell, Chris Cook and Sarah Barham. The ensemble first performed Out at Sea as part of Lunchtime Theatre at Otago University in August 2022.


"Polished and energetic"

 Alister McDonald, Theatreview

21 Mar, 2023

"Satire, caricature adrift in a sea of silly comedy"

Simon Henderson, ODT

21 Mar, 2023

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