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Committed to the Arts

Sahara BreeZe Productions (SBZ) has been staging theatre performances around NZ since 2019.

Originally founded by Sarah, Blaise, and Zoe Barham to tour shows to smaller local communities in Otago.

SBZ grew in 2022 with the addition of a team of creatives to produce theatrical performances in Dunedin and throughout New Zealand, resulting in the creation of a new annual playwriting competition called Shot Glass Shorts.

SBZ is committed to producing new works and adapting existing works. We are dedicated to the mixing of different performing arts disciplines in theatre and
representing our local community as a positive vehicle for change.



To build the effectiveness of theatre as a tool to assess what it means to be a human being by provoking dialogue, encouraging empathy, and inspiring curiosity.



- Theatre is not created in a vacuum but is a vital aspect of the community ecosystem.

- Everyone has the innate ability to be creative.

- Knowledge is for sharing.

- Be kind, positive and inclusive.

- Have high ethical standards.

- Great things can happen when we break the norm and take risks.



To produce works that:

- Are relevant to our communities.

- Are positive vehicles for change.

- Encourage the inclusivity of all sectors of our community.

- Encourage multiplicity and diversity in the arts.

- Are new works as well as adapting existing works.

- Encourage collaboration and growth as part of the growth of theatre and the arts both locally and nationally.

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