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“A visually, aurally, and physically stunning multidisciplinary version of William Shakespeare's fantastical play”.

Award-winning Otago theatre company Sahara Breeze (SBZ) Productions are staging William Shakespeare’s most fantastical play The Tempest, regarded as the most lyrical, profound, and magical of Shakespeare's comedies, at Hanover Hall, Dunedin from 13th to 16th June 2024.

Prospera, the exiled duke of Milan, has been stranded on a remote island with her daughter Miranda for 12 years. She uses her magical powers to conjure up a fearsome storm, so that her enemies, including her treacherous brother Antonio, are shipwrecked onto the island. There follows a play filled with murderous plots, drunken confusion, love, and redemption.

SBZ turns the former church building of Hanover Hall into Prospera’s enchanted island. Holding true to the original text and music, director Blaise Barham adds contemporary music, stunning costumes, and physical theatre to put a new contemporary spin on this classic, whilst further exploring themes of entrapment and forgiveness. With a performing cast of 25 actors, singers, dancers, and musicians, the spectacle of the piece is brought to the fore.

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