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The Cherry Orchard


A new multi-disciplined multi-media adaptation of the classic piece 'The Cherry Orchard' by Anton Chekhov and translated by Stuart Young with original music by AJ Hickling. and included 15 performers including singers, musicians, actors and circus performers. 

Set in a modern New Zealand, the financially strapped Ranevsky family must choose between cutting down their beautiful cherry orchard and subdividing their land to build holiday homes, or potentially losing their family home for good. 

This adaptation used a blend of traditional, musical, and physical theatre, clowning as well as aerial circus. 15 performers including singers, musicians, actors, dancers and circus performers highlighted the spectacle and comedy of the piece.    


"Magical effects, enthusiasm and playfulness"

Terry MacTavish, Theatreview

18 Nov, 2023

"Taking Chekhov’s classic in a new direction"

Barbara Frame, ODT

18 Nov, 2023

"Spectacle to the fore in ambitious adaptation of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard"

Brenda Harwood, The Star

17 Nov, 2023

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